Payment options

You have a choice of payment methods. You can pay by credit card: Visa, MasterCard; Paypal, by SEPA direct debit or by banker’s draft, depending on your region. On your bank statement, payments will be debited to Bonsai Europe VOF. All transactions are completed in a secure environment (Ingenico) that is compatible with SSL standards.


SEPA Direct debit

The direct debit option is only available for SEPA  (Single European  Payment Area) countries. By choosing this options you allow Bonsai Europe Publications to debit your bank account for total amount of your orders. If your order contains a subscription your account will be debited each year automatically. Cancellation of your subscription also stops the direct debiting of your account.



Please do not use the messages from the Paypal account, but use the contact form on our website.


Credit card charges / payments

In some countries credit card companies have changed their sales conditions policy, without members realizing the consequences. Since the Bonsai Focus administration is based in the Netherlands, payments that are made from outside the Netherlands can be considered by some credit card companies to be foreign payments. As a result, credit card companies are charging their customers an extra fee for these payments. The fee can vary by country, by credit card company, or by type of card.

For example; a Bonsai Focus subscription costs US $ 60. As an American citizen you order a subscription online and you can be charged on your credit card $ 60 + 0.95 extra costs. In total $ 60.95. Some credit card companies clearly state the costs separately on your statement; however, others just charge you the total amount without explanation. In this case you might think that Bonsai Focus is charging more than it should, which leads to misunderstandings.
We strongly advice that you to check your statement carefully and, if discrepancies occur, first check with your credit card company their foreign payments' policy.


USA credit cards are currently being replaced with cards that have a security chip on it. These new cards are usually locked for foreign payments. If your credit card is refused, please contact your bank to unlock your card for The Netherlands and resubmit your payment.


Banker's draft

Payment direct into one of our bank accounts should be made without charges to Bonsai Europe Publications (the beneficiary), otherwise we'll have to decrease the number of issues in your subscription accordingly, or hold the shipping until payment is complete. The payment should be received within 14 days after the order was placed and dated. If at that time the payment was not received the order will be deleted.


US Bank Account:
Bank: Wells Fargo 
Beneficiary: Bonsai Europe VOF
Account: 6650684969
(ABA) routing number: 121000248 


Only check payments issued in US dollars within the US or Canada are accepted. The total should be according the amount of the order in US Dollars. Always mention the order number on your check.
Checks can be sent to our US branch:
Bonsai Focus, 1640 Irvin Street, Vienna VA 22182-2118, U.S.A. 


Prices & currencies

All the prices on this website are in EURO's () and are including VAT when applicable. US dollar ($) and UK pound (£) are only indicative and are calculated on daily updated exchange rates. Credit cards are charged in Euro's. The actual amount paid is depending on the exchange rate on the date your bank charges your account. On your bank statement, payments will be debited to Bonsai Europe VOF. All transactions are completed in a secure environment (Ingenico) that is compatible with SSL standards.