Satsuki Bonsai (English - E-Book)

Nursing the Satsuki azalea year round
Author: Janine Droste
High-gloss guide for your Satsuki Azaleas, a very special book with top class photography by Willy Evenepoel. Her passion for Satsuki Azaleas inspired Janine Droste to write this very complete volume and, with the help of Satsuki authority Ryuji Kobayashi of the Kobayashi Sangyo Corporation, she has assembled all the secrets of growing Satsuki Azaleas successfully into clear and comprehensive terms.
The book is available in French, English, German and Dutch language.
Language: English | 120 pages | full colour| soft cover.

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In cooperation with Azalea expert, Janine Droste, Bonsai Focus introduces the complete guide to growing and maintaining Satsuki Azalea bonsai. The main styles for Satsuki Azalea bonsai are covered as well as their styling techniques. Information on care and maintenance is important and will allow you to create healthier Satsuki bonsai. Satsuki bonsai come in numerous varieties, the most important of which are discussed in the book. An extensive guide for treating pests and diseases is included so that you can recognise problems at an early stage. Last, but not least, you will enjoy the magnificent pictures of Satsuki Azalia bonsai.