Miyabi - Shohin and pots Refinement and elegance

  • Hard cover

  • full colour

  • 247 pages

  • English/Japanese

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Miyabi - Shohin and pots Refinement and elegance

  • Miyabi is like Wabi Sabi, an aesthetic ideal, so it's very apt as the title of this magnificent book.
  • We've managed to seize a supply of this commemorative album of the 10 year jubilee of the Gafu Ten exhibition, held annually by the Japan Shohin Bonsai Association in Kyoto.
  • The book contains the best shohin masterpieces exhibited at the 10 years of this great show. As weil as the shohin, it also features some very rare and special antique pots, which really gives you an insight into the Japanese love ofbeautiful pots. If you followed our series on antique Japanese pots, this is a 'must have'.
  • The work of many famous potters is featured, with very clear photographs in th is high quality hard backed volume.
  • Hard cover I full colour I 247 pages I English/Japanese.


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