Travel to the world famous Kokufu-ten exhibition and see the best bonsai gardens and sample the Japanese culture

9 – 17 February 2018  € 2490


Together with travel agency, Nippon Express, we have assembled a unique tour to the Kokufu-ten and the famous bonsai gardens of Japan. Besides this, there is a wonderful trip to the magical temple complex in Nikko and the National Park. You will also enjoy a day trip to Shinji Suzuki's garden as well as the Omiya Bonsai village. You will have the time to explore bustling Tokyo and even go on extra tours on your own.
The Kokufu-ten will be held in the Metropolitan Museum in Ueno Park, Tokyo. It is the major show of bonsai in Japan. You will be visiting the first and the second part of the show, each of which exhibits a completely new set of bonsai. Do your shopping at the Ueno Green Club. A professional guide, Seiko Fukui, will lead you through all the highlights.

The Omiya Bonsai Village: Stroll through famous gardens, all of which will be open. Kyuka-en, Fuyo-en, Mansei-en, Seikou-en and Toju-en. Visit the well laid-out Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, which has some very precious bonsai from the Takagi collection.  Video
The Shunka-En garden of Kunio Kobayashi. Kunio Kobayashi has created a garden that you will enter through a traditional tori, or gate. You can then admire the many famous bonsai as well as the traditional houses, which have tokonoma and a large collection of antique pots and artefacts.
Shinji Suzuki's bonsai garden in Obuse One of the best gardens and collections is, without doubt, that of Shinji Suzuki. He created a veritable heaven where bonsai in all their beauty are displayed in a garden and tokonoma. After the visit Shinji Suzuki will give a lecture on the refined art of display.

Temples of Nikko One of the highlights of this tour is a visit to the old temple complex in Nikko, Toshogu. Situated on a hill that is planted with more than a thousand Hinoki trees. Nikko National Park offers scenic mountain landscapes, lakes, and the Kegon waterfalls.


* Japanese-English guide included. French, Italian, German, Spanish guide at sufficient participants.
* Registration is without obligations.


Tour Program
  • Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo
  • Day 2: Kokufu-ten and visit Green Club bonsai market
  • Day 3: Bonsai Village Omiya, with guide Visit Omiya Bonsai Gardens & Omiya Bonsai Museum Lunch at Bonsai Restaurant (Japanese menu) Visit Kunio Kobayashi‘s Shunka-en Garden, with guide Visit Ginza area and Tokyo Tower
  • Day 4: Spend half day at the Second Kokufu-ten show Visit to Asakusa Senso-ji Temple, with guide,. Visit pottery shops in Kappabashi area, downtown Tokyo. Visit the Skytree Tower.
  • Day 5: Travel to Nagano by Shinkansen Bullet train, with guide Visit Shinji Suzuki Bonsai Garden and enjoy his Bonsai Lecture Nagano sightseeing spots. Enjoy a Bento dinner.
  • Day 6: Free at leisure. Optional tours, with guide
  • Day 7: Nikko: visit ancient temples. Katayama Shuzo Brewery tour and Kegon Falls. All with guide. Dinner at Asakusa.
  • Day 8: Return home from Tokyo


  • 7 nights 4 star Shinagawa Prince Hotel,Tokyo
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Private coach
  • Shinkansen bullet train
  • Suica travel card
  • Dinner at Asakusa
  • Bento lunch Lunch at Bonsai restaurant, Omiya
  • Lunch in Nagano
  • Bento dinner


Not included
  • Flights to Tokyo, Japan.

  • Optional tours: (Kamakura with guide)

  • Visit to Masahiko Kimura garden,

  • S-cube bonsai garden


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