Extreme Beauty

Extreme Beauty - A Life devoted to Bonsai

  • Kaoru Koizumi

  • A4 size | full colour | soft cover | 216 pages.


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Extreme Beauty - A life devoted to bonsai

This book expresses the life-long love and devotion to bonsai of Kaoru Koizumi, Japanese bonsai expert and inventor of the Green King fertiliser. Besides wonderful bonsai of all varieties, the book shows many masterpieces of Kokofu quality in their development. It is a unique document of a life with bonsai guided by famous Masters like Saichi Suzuki, Yasuo Mitsuda and Masahiko Kimura. Although the book is in Japanese it has a small booklet with English translation; but even without these translations it’s a most inspiring book and well worth having.

A4 size | full colour | soft cover | 216 pages.