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Discover how fascinating Bonsai Focus is! With informative reports and stunning photography every two months, Bonsai Focus Magazine makes you eye-witness extraordinary bonsai, magnificent stylings of famous masters, educational techniques and useful maintenance tips.


Nöelanders Trophy XVI

A different view of Nature

Split & bend

Noelanders Trophy XV

We really love bonsai and think it’s a real living art form. Bonsai has a very long history and originates from China. The Japanese learned about bonsai through monks travelling to China about 800 years ago. Today bonsai is practised all over the world and is still growing in popularity. In the West bonsai has experienced a very fast growth and development. Bonsai Focus covers the amazing world of bonsai from various perspectives, Japanese or Western.

How far can you go?

Bonsai Focus is the international bonsai magazine for beginner and advanced enthusiasts worldwide. Founded in the eighties, Bonsai Focus is a well-established magazine with a globally respected reputation, offering the reader a wide range of high quality articles about bonsai for both beginners and advanced bonsai enthusiasts.


Gentle giant

Going for the max

Shapes and colours


The magazine is available in a printed version and, since 2010, also as an e-Magazine. Bonsai Focus subscriptions can be ordered directly online in 6 languages; English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish and is distributed in more than 65 countries. A great number of back issues from the last 10 years - featuring Japanese and Western artists - show readers the way in bonsai and can be ordered from our web shop. Our devoted team of experienced native-speaking editors, plus a close co-operation with the Japanese magazine KINBON guarantee the high quality of information on subjects like techniques, maintenance and styling. The unique concept of articles with supporting videos allows, our subscribers, as it were, to be present at an artist’s actual live performance, learning the tricks from the Master.