Golden Concave Award 2016
Send in your most exciting bonsai and win a 9-day trip to Japan

The concave plier is a typical and
unique bonsai tool. It symbolises
the creativity of bonsai.


Hall of fame - 
All pre-selected bonsai will be honoured in the extra special edition of Bonsai Focus



The winner takes it all - Owner of the winning bonsai gets a free 9-day trip to the World Bonsai Convention 2017 in Japan, where the Bonsai Focus Golden Concave Award will be presented during a special ceremony..


Ryan Neil   Taiga Urushibata   Peter Warren

The judges - 
A team of judges, consisting of Ryan Neil, Taiga Urushibata, Peter Warren, will pre-select the best bonsai from all the submitted photos and then let you, our readers, decide which tree will win the first edition of the Golden Concave Award.


Aucun produit ne correspond à la sélection.