Bonsai Dream

Mauro Stemberger

206 pages, hard cover, full colour.

Italian / English languages

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Product Description


The Bonsai Dream

A new book giving you an insight to the creations of Mauro Stemberger. 

It is a portfolio of his works in Italy and abroad. Many of the creations shown are for clients in the USA. It shows some very interesting projects which have been documented over the years.
An important part of the book is wiring. As Mauro puts it: ‘As colour is the tool for the painter, or the chisel for the sculptor, wire is the tool for the bonsai artist and facilitates the creative process of shaping the bonsai.' So, there is a special chapter explaining wiring techniques. It comes with many examples and illustrations to show how to wire effectively.
The text is compact and clear and comes in both English and Italian. A specially
innovative feature is the QR codes which, when scanned with your smartphone, will direct you to short videos that show the trees from all sides, giving you a clear feel of the dimensions.