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Post- / Zip code

For delivery we need your correct address! Especially the postal/zip code is important. You can look up the template in the Post- / Zip codes.




 Shipping:  Estimated delivery time:
 In Europe  10-15 business days
 Outside Europe  10-20 business days
 In Europe  5 -10 business days
 Outside Europe  8 - 15 business days


Parcel shipping (with Track & Trace)

Allows your package to be followed by a Track & Trace code. This option is usually more expensive. However, it can occur that Package shipping is cheaper then postal shipment, because we have made special arrangements with carriers. We will e-mail you the Track & Trace code.


Postal shipping (without Track & Trace)

Your order will be sent by regular mail and is not registered. This shipping method is usually cheaper, but Bonsai Focus is not responsible for the loss of a shipment. Subscriptions are always sent by regular mail.


Publication Dates



 English language edition 2018    Publication Dates* 
 Issue Digital     Europe     Rest o/t World
2018-1 #150 | #173- January / February   Jan. 1   Jan. 15   Jan. 22
2018-2 #151| #174 - March / April   Mar. 5   Mar. 19   Mar. 26
2018-3 #152| #175- May / June   May 1   May 14   May 21
2018-4 #153| #176 - July / August   July 2   July 16   July 23
2018-5 #154| #177- September / October   Sep. 3   Sep.17   Sep. 24
2018-6 #155| #178- November / December   Nov. 5   Nov. 19   Nov. 26

* Dates are indications of expected arrival. Not guaranteed.