Digital magazines & books

Digital editions

Digital editions can be viewed on any screen, tablet or phone. The content is the same as the printed publications. Within 48 hours after your order has been approved, you will receive an email with access to the digital edition(s).When a new edition is published, you will be automatically notified by email.


The editions are hosted by JOOMAG. If you download the JOOMAG app from the Apple or Android store, you can view the editions offline and in high quality. They will appear automatically in your library.
Important! Use to create an account in JOOMAG the same email address that you use for the Bonsai Focus website.



How to view E-Magazines on JOOMAG


1. Go to JOOMAG or download the JOOMAG APP on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.


2. Register with your name and e-mail address (This must be the same as the one you used for registering at Bonsai Focus).



3. Your BONSAI FOCUS E-Magazines will automatically appear in ‘My Library’



When new editions are published you will be informed by e-mail.

You will receive a reminder when your subscription is due for renewal.

You can do this through the Bonsai Focus website.