Bonsai Maples

By Andrea Meriggioli English | Soft cover, 21 x 28 cm format, 480 pages, full colour.

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According to Andrea: 'As I see it, so far, books published in the west on maples have handled the subject only partially, if not inadequately. In my new book you can find, for the first time in detail, covering all possible topics, everything you need to know about growing and maintaining Acer palmatum and Acer buergerianum.' The book is richly illustrated, with more than 700 photographs and drawings, guiding the reader step by step through each section, plus techniques. Included are the newest, ground-breaking bonsai techniques, impeccably adapted to the natural character of maples. Thanks to my frequent work and study visits to Japan I have been able to expand my knowledge of the subject over the years, learning directly from the most famous bonsai Masters in Japan. The first part has an important history of the genus Acer, starting from its origins. In every section of the book, each single species and its cultivars are portrayed thoroughly, to give detailed, and specific information useful to bonsai practice. Besides analysing the different cultivars used for bonsai, the three subspecies that are related to Acer palmatum are examined as well.